Nostalgia Junkie

Los Angeles 2019

Dockweiller Beach, Los Angeles, CA

Nostalgia Junkie was a site-specific installation with fabric fort sculpture, photographs printed on canvas and lashed in plastic frames with elastic, presented on the eve of the summer solstice. This project serves as a sequel to The Disappearer, installed 10 years before at the same site. Both sculptures are situated near the road and on the imaginary line marked by signs signifying the “Tsunami Safety Zone” which, while a physically abstract concept based on the height of the cliff above the ocean, symbolizes to the artist the threshold between the city infrastructure and the abandon and chaos of the wilderness. 

The photographs in Nostalgia Junkie were taken over the span of a decade, and each image represents a node on a map of portals or glimpses to other realms, while also serving as morsels of memory and nostalgia.