Nostalgia Junkie

Los Angeles 2019

Dockweiller Beach, Los Angeles, CA 2019

“Nostalgia Junkie” was a site-specific installation of embodied ephemera: a twirling fabric fort sculpture made out of vintage car ceiling foam, suspended among 30 floating monochrome prints that construct a tenuous homestead of nostalgia and longing. Featuring imagery from local landscapes and memory of place, the piece straddles the invisible line of the “tsunami safety zone” in a liminal conceptual space between urban infrastructure and the effervescent abandon of the sea. This project serves as a sequel and “outro” to The Disappearer, installed in the same location 10 years previously.  “Nostalgia Junkie” will be viewable at the intersection of Vista Del Mar and Waterview St above Dockweiller Beach from 7 to sunset on Friday June 21, the summer solstice.