Fort Hauser, 2009 – 2012

public project
Mid-City, Los Angeles, CA

Fort Hauser was a sculptural occupation/celebration of an urban municipal space at Hauser & Washington Boulevards in Los Angeles. A series of temporary installations and events took place on the traffic island over the course of several years. These iterations included the inaugural Fort Hauser Gallery; a sculpture workshop; a “Town Square” Christmas tree; the recurring Bermuda Triangle tent portal; Fort Hauser Monument; and Pancakes. Many interventions have included live music and performance. Art and building materials were made available on-site, inside a series of whimsical “forts,”  so that passersby could add their own creations to the projects. The project found an energetic momentum and lasting presence at the site and in the collective local memory. Fort Hauser demonstrated creative local engagement and sparked conversation with the Mid-City Neighborhood Council about possible futures of the neighborhood.

Special thanks to  Penina Finger, Tal Day, and Midnite, Mid-City residents; and Laurel Partin, saxophone player. Fort Hauser was a Creative Capital finalist in 2012.