site paintings

Los Angeles 2018 – ongoing

The sites included in this series are based on personal aesthetic criteria with the intention of locating a lost memory. These oil paintings, made “en plein air” have invoked amusing and unintentional social situations, such as a father walking his young son across 50mph traffic to have a look, or a stylish young man in a Dodge Charger pulling up, blocking a bus and thwarting traffic in order to snap a pic. The locations are unlikely and unremarkable, yet novel to onlookers, many of whom expressed that this action inspires them to make their own paintings. At 124th and Western, a narrow green traffic island bisects the crest of an expansive hill overlooking the Palos Verdes peninsula to the south; at Ballona, the sound of the 405 freeway mixes with birds and rustling dead palm tops; at Cloverdale, the field falls under an unknown category of land use, and ultimately leads to a hole in the fence. Site paintings are an ongoing series.