Human Interactions 5 Cents

public performance
Los Angeles, CA / St. Paul, MN

Human Interactions 5 Cents is an ongoing set of performances in unexpected public venues which frame and model the basic elements of in-person conversation. In this project, which resembles Lucy’s ‘Psychicatric Evaluations 5 cents’ booth in Charlie Brown, I offer a printed menu of options that participants may choose from such as “tell me about something that bothers you, ask me about my day, yesterday, week, month, or year, or tell me about yours” or “suggest a song and we’ll sing it together.” With the condition of no photo or video capture allowed, the focused human experience cost a nickel and lasts about 5 minutes, timed. (Scholarships are always available.)

In its first iteration, the project took place below the Culver City Metro station on the corner of National and Washington Blvd, LA along with LA Road Concerts, a series of public performances. In its second iteration in 2019, “Human Interactions 5 Cents” was performed at Union Station downtown Los Angeles for CHANGES supported by Metro Art , both organized by Stephen Van Dyck.

During the pandemic in fall of 2020, the project took place at Solidarity Street Gallery’s weekend-long art event on St. Paul, MN’s East Side along Payne Avenue. The project was invited to return in 2021. Themes of the set of human interaction questions centered on the meaning and action of solidarity, renewal and togetherness in the aftermath of George Floyd and the midst of covid-19. Participants self-selected and ranged from people waiting for the bus, to children, to avid art enthusiasts, to young adults questioning the structures of their lives.

the project is set to continue in different parts of the city such as the skyway system. Info TBA.