Ancient Beings, 2016

site-based project
Peña Blanca cave, Las Cruces, NM

As part of Organ Monument Oratory, Ancient Beings was a temporary installation at Peña Blanca cave created by Faith Purvey and Shaunna Foster for one night in 2016. A historic site for Mogollon culture and now a popular hiking and bouldering area within the OMDP National Monument, this cave is off the beaten path but one of the Monument’s great treasures. The artists set aluminum cutouts inside naturally-occurring alcoves, illuminated by battery LEDs, to enliven images of animals and petroglyph symbols found in and near the cave. Viewed at dusk and in the dark, a group of participants hiked a mile in each direction and viewed the installation by flashlight. This and all OMDP collaborations emphasize Leave No Trace ethics.

photos by Yvette Lopez